Monday, October 30, 2017


The view from room 305 of The Kiva Village

Fort Morgan, Alabama
From Staff Reports

Many questions remain for the 15th renewal of The Kiva Cup, to be held this week at Kiva Dunes GC in scenic Fort Morgan, Alabama on November 2-4.

With his team in disarray due to car maintenance issues, who will Team Ohio Captain Mark J. Skiba put "in the box" on Thursday to face not 1, but 2, of Team Alabama Captain Jarrod "JROD" Jackson's talented and focused team?

How will Cup legend Hawk adjust to being separated from his longtime partner, Brian?

Will Meelum bring fresh Ahi tuna with him from his home in the Pacific Northwest for his traditional Thursday night turn in the kitchen?

Will Collie, absent from last years Cup due to "family related issues", return to the form that helped lead USA to one of its rare Cup triumphs?

Will the fans get to see the Chief/Brian pairing they have clamored for since 2004?

Will Pensacola resident and Cup legend Zac "17" Ward make an appearance on Fort Morgan Road?

With Sean (The Chaplain) once again without his longtime partner DC, who will Skiba pair with the Cup's spiritual advisor?

Will the slope of Kiva Dunes be based on the Official Scorecard or on the internet?

We hope you will join us for answers to these questions, and more, as the first matches are thrown out Wednesday night at That Place in Front of The Beach Club.


Oliver Stone said...

So many questions, I doubt they will ever be answered. The JFK files being released is a big story, but when ever the Kiva Cup files are FULLY released...the world will never be the same.

That Lady said...

Is this event handicapped? It would be nice for handicaps to be listed.

Luke said...

My Captain,

I enjoyed our practice round at Shoal last Friday. Just you, me, and the caddies. Talking about life, the proper golf swing, grip pressure, insurance, glass molds, etc. Mark won't have an answer of 4 rounds of us. Can't wait little buddy.

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