Player Bio: Sean Halcomb

Sean looks sort of like Trevor Immelman
Name: Sean Halcomb

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Background: Sean “Chaplain” Halcomb was the second of four children sired by Larry Leon Halcomb. It was established early that Chaplain had two passions in life and neither involved school. Those passions were for ladies and golf. He eventually settled down with one of the few women that could put up with his BS. He had to travel up the eastern seaboard to fool (I mean find) this lady. She goes by the name of Tammy. His second passion, golf, cannot be quenched. Sean currently sells coffee to people who are living in areas where the heat index is 115. The man can sell. Chaplain also is the lead singer in a Bon Jovi cover band. The crowds love his enthusiastic performance and he routinely gets standing ovations for his rendition of “Dead or Alive”.

Sponsors: Marlborough Lights, Skoal Wintergreen (long cut), Hogan Irons, Bon Jovi, Mississippi Association of Educators.

Player Comment: Last year was absolutely devastating to me. Losing to players that are clearly inferior to me and my brother is not something that is acceptable in my home. It will not happen again.

Prediction: A beatdown.