Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just Another Chat with Undefeated European Captain Boo Burnett

Brian, good to see you again. How have you been?

I have been hanging in there Jammy. You know taking it one day at a time, putting one foot in front of the other. Living the dream of being a certified public accountant. Its hard being in my particular profession because the ladies are drawn to CPA’s. I tell them that I am a happily married man and my debit only knows one credit.

It seems the entire golf community is enthralled with the defections and turmoil on Team USA. I have to ask you, what’s your take on what’s happening with that team?

Well I hate to see it. I enjoy the rivalry. People probably do not believe it but I enjoy playing golf with Chris even though he and I argue like an 80 year old couple who should have never gotten married. This all could have been avoided but I don’t live in the past.

Rumor has it that you were trying to get KCGreat to play for Team USA again. Is this true and, if so, why would you try to convince their best player to return?

This is not true. I called him to see if he wanted to play some golf at Grayson Valley and I made a comment that I cannot believe that he was not going to play in the Kiva Cup. He inquired of the dates and said something like “bud I may be able to make it”. I told him I thought you guys had somebody else but that is Team USA business. He said either way was fine with him.

Enough about that dysfunctional group. Let’s focus on Team Europe. Any changes for the 2009 Kiva Cup?

We are going to keep the same batting order as last year.

How does the loss of Dalton effect Team Europe, on and off the course?

Is this a trap question? On the course he is different than the other members of Team Europe. It really boils down to he plays golf just a couple times a year and the rest of us play like its our job. I regret getting frustrated with him during the Fake Cup.

Off the course he is replaced by Boogie so I reckon that alcohol consumption will not go down. Boogie (a fellow Hueytownite) knows how to party.

Is your team preparing for the Kiva Cup? You know, other than just playing a lot of golf.

We are just playing a good bit of golf. As you saw on the golf channel Chaplain and myself made the shootout in Green Valley member guest. We did not lose a match.

Any challenges facing Team Europe this year?

On the golf course no. In life, the list is too long for this particular interview.

BG was described as “standoffish” in a review of Kiva Dunes in The Birmingham News. Have you discussed this with him? Do you think that it will soften his demeanor?

Kiva Dunes is a true golfers course. The guy [Kent Kasey of THE Birmingham News] probably came up to B.G. in jorts asking him what the twilight rate was. B.G. has always treated me well. I don’t want him to treat hacks well. They can play Penninsula or some other Honors facility.

Any word on how the course looks this summer?
Great. It looks so good they are redoing the greens.

Is Kiva going to be playable on October 8th?

BG says yes, but if not, there's a fine course about 7 miles away that will take us during the Big 10 games. Plus, there's Lost Key and Craft Farms. We will get our rounds in.

Thanks for your time today. Any thing else you’d like to comment on or say?

Roll Chevy Roll.


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